Appen and Best Doctors Partnering in the IBM Watson Ecosystem

Contact: Rachael Pappas, Appen and Justin Joseph, Best Doctors Appen and Best Doctors Partnering in the IBM Watson Ecosystem Sydney, Australia and Boston, Mass – June 30, 2015: Appen, a global linguistic services firm, and Best Doctors, a global health services company that helps people get the right diagnosis and treatment plan, are proud to announce they have partnered through the IBM Watson Ecosystem to enhance the Best Doctors knowledge base of medical information. Appen is a member of the Watson Ecosystem as a Talent Hub partner – a group of skilled professionals who provide specialized support to app-building partners to help them turn their creative visions into market-ready products and services. Specifically, Appen provides linguistic support for Watson application developers, including the development of language resources, such as question and answer pairs, lexical data and annotated corpora for training and tuning purpose. “I am so pleased with our partnership with Appen,” said Cara Samia, DirectorProduct Management, Best Doctors. “Together, with IBM Watson, we are laying the crucial groundwork to enhance the Best Doctors knowledge base so that we may continue to improve and update our offering to Best Doctors members worldwide.” “Years ago I started my career in IBM’s research division,” said Lisa Braden-Harder, Appen CEO. “Today, I’m excited to be a part of the future of technology, working together with IBM Watson and Best Doctors to integrate data, language and healthcare.” Members of the Watson Ecosystem are bringing a variety of cognitive based apps to market to transform industries – from healthcare, to music, shopping and beyond. Developers and entrepreneurs building Watson apps have access to a variety of ecosystem resources such as the Watson Developer Cloud, and the Watson Talent Hub, among other resources. About Appen Appen is a global leader in language and search technology services. Appen partners with technology, ecommerce companies and app developers as they build new offerings and expand them into global markets. Appen has over 150 full-time employees, including a team of natural language processing and machine learning experts ready to help Watson application developers build, refine and tune their apps. Appen is based in Sydney, Australia, with offices worldwide. Appen was named in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Australia in 2014. About Best Doctor Best Doctors connects physician communities with other clinical experts, ranked in the top five percent of doctors by impartial peer review, to help people get the right diagnosis and right treatment. Together with Rise Health, the organization creates personalized care experiences by combining actionable data insights and medical excellence. Founded in 1989 by Harvard Medical School physicians, the global health solutions company, which has grown to over 30 million members worldwide, uses state-of-the-art technology capabilities to deliver improved health outcomes while reducing costs. Best Doctors seamlessly integrates its trusted health services with Fortune 1000 employers, insurers and other groups in every major region of the world. Gallup has certified Best Doctors as using the highest industry standards survey methodology and processes in polling physicians to discover the doctors they would choose for their own care.  For further information, visit Best Doctors at
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