Appen in the News: Q1 2022

At Appen, we have a diverse team working on a ton of different, interesting projects. Many of these projects are niche or technical and get written about in various publications across the internet. We put together the biggest hits from Q1 of 2022 to share with you. Here’s everything we’re working on and what everyone has to say about it.

How Can AI Support Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion?

One of our founding principles and beliefs is that bias has no place in data. We work hard to remove bias from our data and to make AI a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive space. As AI scales across industries and is applied to more and more use cases, reducing bias becomes all the more important. The article from the World Economic Forum covers four ways that AI can be more inclusive, including one from Appen CEO, Mark Brayan.

Interview Series with Sujatha Sagiraju, Chief Product Officer

As part of an interview series, Unite.AI, an AI and machine learning news outlet, spoke to Appen’s Chief Product Officer Sujatha Sagiraju. In this interview, Sujatha talks about synthetic data and the importance of understanding Data for the AI Lifecycle.

Is Synthetic Data Set To Become a Mainstream AI Strategy?

One of the biggest topics in the AI community right now is the use of synthetic data. One of the most complex, time-consuming, and expensive steps to implementing AI in an organization is training the AI model. For that, you need data. And, you need good data. Synthetic data, or data that’s created artificially, is a more inclusive solution for those edge cases. In this article for Toolbox, Wilson Pang, CTO at Appen, talks about his perspective on the nature, application, and use cases for synthetic data.

How Data for AI Lifecycle Will Become Critical for AI Programs in 2022 and Beyond

Another major topic of conversation in the AI community is around the data for the AI lifecycle. Data isn’t only critical for training AI and machine learning models but is also necessary for other critical steps in the AI lifecycle. Our resident expert, Sujatha Sagiraju, the Chief Product Officer at Appen, speaks in this Toolbox article about why Data for the AI Lifecycle is a critical discipline to understand and implement.

16 Skills Every Tech Exec Needs As Their Role Evolves And Expands

As the tech landscape shifts and evolves, so must the skills of tech executives. The role of tech in business continues to grow and there’s no end in sight. In this post by Forbes, tech executives from across the industry were interviewed to find out what skills they think execs need. The advice of our Chief Product Officer, Sujatha Sagiraju was included in this article.

How Kenyan Micro-Task Workers Are Using Stablecoins To Make Affordable Cross-Border Payments

At Appen, our specialty is data. To get the high-quality data that we produce, it takes a team with many different skills. Our global crowd is a critical part of that team. With over one million workers in the crowd, we’re proud of the work we provide to those around the world. Forbes featured a project that we collaborated on with Mercy Corps Ventures to study the effect of micro-work and stablecoin payments on workers in Kenya. The results showed that micro-work had a significantly positive impact on their lives.

Building Global AI with Local Impact in an AI Economy

The AI economy is growing every day. One of the foundations of the AI economy is flexible, remote work. It’s work that can be done online, from anywhere in the world. In this VentureBeat article, Appen CTO Wilson Pang talks about the impact that these remote jobs are having on people around the globe and the benefits the AI economy has on the global economy.

Getting Smart About Five 2022 AI And Machine Learning Predictions

The world of AI and machine learning is changing rapidly. As such, former director of marketing at Appen put together his five predictions for 2022 for Forbes. For AI, the past few years has been about establishing the foundation of a great system. In his opinion, 2022 is all about making AI more responsible, efficient, and cost-effective. We’re so proud of what we do and that we get to share it to the wider world of news and tech through these different outlets. Be sure to check back on our blog for our collection of news articles for Q2.
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