Expert, Secure and Timely Transcription Services for Conference Calls

Why It’s Worth Seeking Out an Experienced Provider

Searching online for dial-in conference call transcription reveals countless ‘cheap and cheerful’ DIY options. But if quality matters as well as cost, you’ll need an experienced, specialist transcription provider.

Developments in recording technology and speech to text conversion software mean there are plenty of DIY solutions out there if you want to create a written record of your important conference calls.

But before you start, ask yourself why you are recording and transcribing your conference calls in the first place. If it’s important enough to require a written record, then shouldn’t that record be as accurate, timely and secure as possible?

Conference calls are part of working life. As well as day-to-day business they can cover anything from complex financial negotiations or HR matters to legal proceedings, regulatory investigations or confidential corporate plans.

However the practicalities can be challenging. So imagine having to also record and transcribe the call yourself – with all speech captured accurately including jargon, names, job titles – within say, 24 hours.

Do you really want to DIY?

Transcription Services for Conference Calls

How Specialist Transcription Providers Add Value

Fortunately, there are experienced, specialist transcription providers offering high quality, flexible, responsive and cost-effective transcription services for conference calls.

There are some specific advantages to leaving it to the professionals:

  • Quality – the best providers are ISO 9001 certified, reaching internationally recognized standards for quality and continuous improvement. Transcribers are rigorously trained and assessed, and transcripts are quality controlled with a formal audit process in place.
  • Flexibility and scale – a specialist provider can tailor its services to your needs and will have the capacity to fulfill urgent, last-minute or large volume requests, as well as unusual projects, for example calls involving foreign language speakers or those covering technical issues.
  • Experience – established transcription companies have seen it all, tackling many different challenges and accruing huge amounts of knowledge. They typically stay one step ahead of technological developments and use the very latest recording and transcription equipment.
  • Security – expert providers have cast-iron information management systems, so your information is kept confidential. Some also maintain secure in-house facilities for transcribing the most sensitive material, and are certified to ISO 27001, the ‘gold standard’ for data handling.

Flexible Pricing Options for Cost-Effective Transcription

Of course a key consideration is cost, especially if you need to transcribe conference calls regularly, or in high volumes. The good news is that most specialist providers offer flexible pricing options, meaning you pay only for what you need, when you need it.

Costs vary depending on turnaround times, for example, so if a transcript isn’t urgent clients can choose a slower, cheaper service. You can also choose a different type of service depending on whether you need every sound captured or just the key points. Whatever the scenario, a good supplier will work closely with customers to find the right level of service for each project.

In reality, despite technological advances, there’s still no substitute for expertise when it comes to creating accurate written records of conference calls. Working with an experienced provider can be a cost-effective option, delivering a host of advantages over mobile apps and other online solutions. Good call.

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