How a Leading Software Provider Optimized its Global eCommerce Funnel

A Top-10 Multinational Software Company + Appen

A leading software provider needed to understand and improve its eCommerce purchasing path in multiple international markets. They partnered with Appen to design and conduct a usability study in key markets, in multiple languages.

The Situation

Understanding the nuances of the customer journey and evaluating the effectiveness of an eCommerce transaction funnel can be challenging when you have a single product in a single market. But when you have multiple product types sold in many global markets, it’s difficult to optimize the effectiveness of an eCommerce platform for each market.

The Solution

The software provider engaged with Appen to design and deploy a usability study gathering user feedback from its target global markets, in multiple languages. The study:
  • Identified areas of confusion, technical issues, usability issues, and general user experience improvements
  • Analyzed the full transaction funnel, starting with the search phase, continuing through to product selection, purchase, and installation
  • Provided feedback for every key step in the purchasing process, highlighting both common and market-specific deficiencies in the search and purchase experience

The Benefits

Working with Appen allowed the company to analyze the effectiveness of its eCommerce platform in all of its target markets—on budget and on time. With our curated crowd of user experience evaluators in multiple markets and languages, the provider was able to quickly collect clean, accurate feedback data for both quantitative and qualitative analysis. Download the full case study for more information.
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