Why does human-annotated data matter for search? Learn at Lucene/Solr Revolution

Search is a critical component of any effective website or application, connecting users to the data they need to make decisions, whether it’s to find documents, do research or complete an online purchase. Modern search engines have evolved significantly in the past 5 years, incorporating machine learning and artificial intelligence techniques in all aspects of document and query processing, as well as in user profiling and personalization. These techniques require large volumes of high-quality training and evaluation data to be effective. Kevin Vondemkamp, Vice President of Web, Social & eCommerce at Appen and Grant Ingersoll, CTO of Lucidworks will discuss how Lucidworks leverages Appen’s crowdsourcing capabilities to enhance its machine learning technology and improve all aspects of the search experience. Please join us at Lucene/Solr Revolution on Thursday, September 14th from 10:50 – 11:30 am in South Seas B at Mandalay B. In addition to providing an informative talk on optimizing site search, we’ll be giving away a pair of Bose headphones to one lucky winner!
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