Improving Search Quality for Microsoft Bing in Multiple Markets

Improving Search Quality in Multiple Markets for Microsoft Bing

Developing Relevant Search Results


The Situation

Microsoft’s Bing search engine requires large-scale data sets to continuously deliver relevant search results – in all the global markets they serve.

The Solution

After an initial trial, Appen became an agile partner for Microsoft in multiple markets. Appen is able to provide the Bing team with the following:

  • An expert team of linguistic resources
  • Recommendations for improving the evaluation process
  • Millions of search query judgments every month in more than 12 markets worldwide
  • A proprietary data analysis and reporting tool to ensure consistency and efficiency



The Results

As a proactive partner, Appen has delivered results that have surpassed expectations. Beyond delivering project and program management, Appen provides:

  • The ability to grow rapidly in new markets
  • The delivery of high-quality data sets
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