How Structured Data Leads to Higher Ad Revenue

A leading search engine provider’s bottom line depended on one thing – clicks. If their ads weren’t performing, neither was the company. This context advertising case study tells the story about how they measured and optimized their performance. The search engine relied on algorithms supported by an in-house team. This team needed to serve the best possible ads to its visitors. In order to do that, though, they needed in-market evaluators to optimize ad performance – and they needed them in multiple international markets. So the search engine provider brought in Appen to improve the performance of their contextual advertising programs. What did Appen do? • Reviewed, verified, cleaned and labeled the data • Assigned ad ratings based on a 5-point scale to ensure consistency • Optimized ad relevance for the search engine provider’s international markets The results were strong. The search engine provider was able to: • Measure context advertising relevance for specific queries over time • Analyze root causes of irrelevant ads • Boost performance and the bottom line, thanks to an increase in clicks Download this contextual advertising case study and learn how Appen can help improve context advertising programs.
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