Insights from Chief Data Officer Summit 2018: Delivering a Superior Customer Experience with Data

The Appen team recently exhibited at the Chief Data Officer Summit in San Francisco. The Summit concentrated on data as a strategic business asset. Senior level professionals gathered to discuss innovations in the data realm and how to develop data to deliver a better product. During our conversations and at sessions, we learned that data scientists face challenges when deciding between implementing a fully automated system based on an algorithm, and developing a more sophisticated support system that integrates human annotated data. According to Jay Yonamine, Head of Data Science at Google, building better tools to automate services is key. Building an expert support system, though, requires human review to be part of the machine learning process. Data scientists must make a choice on which system will be best for their business strategy – but if they can implement human review into the machine learning process, businesses will see improved efficiency. Companies are also looking for answers on how to integrate data to improve user experience. Tushar Shanbhag, Head of Data Products at LinkedIn, tackled this issue in his presentation, “Deliver Analytics Insights to Enhance Customer Experience.” In the session, Shanbhag delved into the role of structured data in technology’s future growth. As Shanbhag said, “Data is at the core of Digital Economy, and the intelligence of the data is key to success.” LinkedIn’s Data Products team has been hard at work. Delivering a superior customer experience doesn’t happen overnight, Shanbhag mentioned; it starts with building analytics tools and technologies, data integrations, trainings and improved processes. Shanbhag’s team set the foundation for customer experience analytics and insights. They utilize data from various sources including traditional digital analytics, customer feedback, session replay, and server logs to build a comprehensive picture of the end-to-end customer experience. His team also conducts experiments to test various hypotheses and find the best solutions. “Data suggests product ideas and helps define the right success metrics.” From ideation to design, development to release, data has led LinkedIn to create a customer experience and product that is responsive, personalized, and forward-thinking. Are you looking to structure your data to develop products and enhance customer experiences? Contact us today to improve your machine learning with high-quality data from Appen.
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