Unlocking Insights with Document Intelligence

Harness the Power of AI and Human Intelligence to Evolve your Business

The world is full of documents that are as varied as the processes and organizations that generate them. Even in today’s digital-first era, many transactions still depend on paper documents such as invoices, contracts, legal documents, employee records, financial statements, and more. Scanning hard-copy documents is a common practice for organizations looking to digitize their paper records, make them searchable and secure, and extract their value. Unless the data is accurately extracted and intelligently utilized, the potential to make better data-informed decisions, automate manual processes, and bring new, more personalized, products to market remains unrealized.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are helping to extract this valuable data. Optical character recognition (OCR) technology recognizes the text in scanned documents, and machine learning models identify and extract relevant data such as dates, addresses, names and financial data. Natural language processing (NLP) algorithms classify the sentiment of text or identify named entities within it.

However, current document processing solutions that implement these technologies require extensive set up and oversight to yield accurate and actionable extracted data. They work well for documents that fit a specific form or template, but the world isn’t built that way. Most documents are random, unorganized, or even incomplete. Fields can vary from document to document.

That’s where we come in.

Introducing Appen Document Intelligence

Appen Document Intelligence combines the best of humans and technology in one end-to-end solution that provides everything needed to delight customers with personalized experiences they’ll love. Our solution uniquely empowers businesses to process their most varied and complex documents with the accuracy of industry-aware native speakers, and supplement their datasets with custom collected data as needed.

Appen Document Intelligence is comprised of our:

  • Global workforce with the fluency and context to collect, transcribe and annotate data in global languages, dialects and formats, including groups with expertise in legal, medical, financial, or other specialized domains.
  • Crowd management platform that enables the recruitment of the team needed to launch and scale projects—fast.
  • AI-enabled document technology that assists contributors in making rapid, accurate transcription, localization, key-value pair, and table annotations.
  • Data collection services to source data as needed to exact specifications, to get that competitive edge.
  • Secure solutions including secure workforces to protect sensitive data.
  • Language and project management expertise to ensure high quality and quick turnaround.
  • Off-the-shelf document datasets to kickstart your document AI journey.

Trusted Partner of Industry Leaders

Innovators across industries use Appen Document Intelligence to put their document data to work. Appen’s solution can be applied to scenarios across a wide variety of industries including finance, insurance, retail, logistics, healthcare, and government.

In technology, for example, we partnered with an industry leading hardware and software company to collect and annotate tens of thousands of receipts to power their transformative enterprise enablement solutions. We were able to meet their needs throughout project evolutions and consistently deliver key-value pair and table annotation data with greater than 99% accuracy, far surpassing expectations. As a result, the company was able to launch an innovative new product that delighted their customers.

We’re also working with a large multinational technology company to collect and annotate thousands of rich handwriting-based documents. These will be used to fuel the next evolution of their document understanding products and bring new capabilities to market.

With deep expertise in language processing and experience collecting and annotating millions of documents for industry leaders around the world, we are your trusted data partner for document AI.

We’re ready to help you unlock the full potential of your data. Connect with our team to learn more about Appen Document Intelligence.

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