eCommerce Company Accelerates Feature Testing with Support for Ad-Hoc Evaluations

The customer was able to scale its evaluation capabilities much more quickly, while maintaining quality standards

The Company

A major global eCommerce company turned to us to help solve key ad-hoc evaluation needs and scale feature evaluation capabilities without taxing internal resources.


The Challenge

A leading global eCommerce company needed support for a variety of ad-hoc evaluation projects that were important to optimizing its overall site performance but took valuable resources away from ongoing site evaluation projects. Many of these ad-hoc tasks arrived with minimal notice and limited guidelines, and they also required immediate turnaround which put added stress on existing resources. To support its growing evaluation needs, the company sought a partner with proven project management expertise as well as access to raters with experience in search, social and eCommerce evaluation projects.


The Solution

The eCommerce company turned to us to help solve its ad-hoc evaluation needs as a result of the company’s key capabilities and industry knowledge. These include years of project management experience, our Flexible Projects roster with on demand access to thousands of qualified raters, and our platform—that seamlessly facilitates multiple evaluations.

The initial project focused on evaluations for a “suggested search” feature. After meeting with the customer to conduct a thorough needs analysis, our team partnered with the customer’s feature team to review its evaluation guidelines and make recommendations.

Our project managers initiated the project and upload test data. This ensured that the project type aligned with the client’s specifications. Appen then gathered raters from its Flexible Projects pool and kicked off the project within two days of the initial request. Two days later the project was complete, which exceeded the client’s expectations.

Over the following few months, the customer was able to complete another ten ad-hoc projects by partnering with us, using between 10 and 20 Flexible Projects raters for each project and maintaining an average turnaround time of two to three days.


The Result

Through its partnership with us, the customer was able to scale its evaluation capabilities much more quickly than it could with its internal resources, while simultaneously maintaining its quality standards. The client is able to test the results of changes to website features and act on the evaluation results within just a few days, and now has a proven partner for ad-hoc evaluations that continues to provide quality results for projects with quick turnarounds.

Our platform’s flexible interface easily accommodated new projects, and its API allowed the client to directly upload data and later retrieve the completed results. This functionality—along with our access to multiple experience raters on demand and strong project management capabilities—provided the ideal complement to the client’s existing baseline evaluations.

Additionally, our ability to prioritize and respond to project requests and successfully deliver quality results within short deadlines while staying within the designated budget has proven to be an invaluable resource for this client.

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