Top Software Provider Develops Global CLDR through Trusted Partnership

We provided in-market resources for 66 markets for a major international software

The Company

A major international software provider looking to update its Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) approached us to provide in-market resources for 66 markets.


The Challenge

A major international software provider needed to update its Unicode Common Locale Data Repository (CLDR) according to its yearly refresh cycle and was looking for in-market representation for 66 markets where it did not have internal resources. It needed to create and maintain a repository of locale-specific data such as date and time formatting, script direction, rules for capitalization, local currency, and other locale-specific customs and standards.

An important component to ensure the success of this project was the need for strong, experienced project management to lead the months-long project. The complexity of the project and number of resources involved required a strong project plan and thoughtful leadership to move from planning to production with quality results by the established deadlines.


The Solution

The client approached us for representation in 66 smaller markets where it did not have in-market internal resources. Finding resources in these markets is challenging due to a variety of factors—limitations in technology, conflict in the political landscape, and declining populations in the target language are common obstacles. After the scope of the project was well defined between both parties, we engaged three resources in each market to ensure strong quality.

Partnering with our sourcing team ensured that obstacles could be overcome and that strategies could be developed to engage with high quality resources in each locale. Once the project management phase began, the documentation, task-guides and the online tool were tested in two markets and adjustments were made as needed. The remaining markets were added according to a ramp schedule to better manage the flow of data into the CLDR platform.

After the initial data entry was complete, the next phase involved monitoring and answering forum questions regarding the entries. We then closed out the task while remaining on-call until the Final Candidate release.


The Result

Throughout this project, the client was able to successfully update its CLDR in line with its refresh cycle using our high quality, in market resources. Since the client did not have to research each market separately using its own staff, it was able to use that time to focus on other areas of core competency. Our experienced team was also able to manage the project autonomously, relieving added overhead from the client. The client saved money and time by avoiding sending its own employees into the field. Overall, outsourcing this effort to a trusted partner resulted in a high quality update to the client’s software.

Our CLDR participation was a success and well-received by the client. We were able to secure resources in constrained markets and provide the leadership needed to organize and direct close to 200 participants through several complex stages that included data entry, voting, and forum participation.

This project showcased our ability to lead complex projects with very little oversight. This client group was new to us and now counts on our recurring participation in the CLDR project on a bi-annual basis, as well as other global projects that leverage our strong roster of in-market resources.

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