Meet Appen CEO Armughan Ahmad

As Chief Executive Officer and President, Armughan leads Appen’s mission to enable our customers to deploy world-class AI solutions. Armughan is a proven business executive with over 25 years of experience is scaling multi-billion dollar businesses and building strong teams.

Armughan serves on the board of Future Skills Center innovating the future of work with human and machine collaboration. He also serves on the international advisory and school of engineering boards of University of Waterloo. Armughan is a passionate promoter of diversity accelerator at CILAR, mental health awareness and ESG social impact programs.

Our Internships

Appen’s summer internship program kicks off this year with a variety of teams. From data scientists to AI enthusiasts, there is something for everyone!

Our positions are available to current students pursuing bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD degrees in fields for a variety of skills. Whether it is technical flair ranging from: Understanding various deep learning and machine learning algorithms, software development, data processing pipelines, annotation and computer programming experience, or strong communication and collaboration skills, marketing and language skills you bring to the table, our ideal candidate is someone who comes in with a hunger to learn.

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Join our corporate team responsible for promoting a data culture across the organization to drive performance via actionable insights into business performance. Support decision making on both tactical and strategic decisions through detailed data insights.

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With over 1M+ contributors on Appen’s platform, our Crowd team is responsible for marketing, reporting, supporting, and engaging with our Crowd.

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Join our world-class and exciting engineering team responsible for designing, developing, testing and maintaining Appen’s products, systems and platforms. Appen’s engingeering team is solving the AI data problems by combining the power of humans and technology.

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Our people team help attract, grow and retain the best talent in AI. Our people team helps our team members to thrive through our purpose, growth, industry leading rewards and our globally inclusive and connected culture.

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Appen’s marketing team creates and executes strategies to promote our leading products and service. They use market research to understand customer needs and preferences, and then develop campaigns, content marketing, social media, and other tactics to reach and engage our target audiences.

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Join our team of product managers, designers, engineers, and other specialists responsible for researching, designing, developing, and launching Appen’s industry leading products. They work together to identify market needs, create user experiences, to then build products that meet the needs of our customers.

Part-time Flexible Jobs

Join our global community and explore exciting work-from-home opportunities. Our projects include short surveys or ongoing projects that last for months.


Corporate Jobs

Join our corporate team for positions affiliated with our global offices focused on Engineering, Marketing, Sales or Finance.


Our Culture

A values-centric culture is vital to our mission to help build better AIrnby creating large volumes of high-quality training data faster.

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Performance is having the focus and agility to achieve quality outcomes and exceed expectations. You never stop learning, and challenge yourself every day, while maintaining a healthy perspective and balance.

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Humility is being part of a team, giving credit and showing gratitude to others for their contributions, seeking diverse perspectives, and, not being afraid to ask for help when you don’t know something.rnrn

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Honesty is being a truth-teller in a respectful way, taking accountability for your actions, and communicating with integrity with each other, our customers, our crowd and ourselves.rnrn

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Grit is about taking ownership, not giving up, finding creative solutions, and, having the courage to succeed. Grit and resilience give you the confidence and determination to achieve your goals. rnrn

Why Join Appen?

Whether you’re currently studying computer science or have a deep interest in the AI industry, you can be a part of a large group of diverse individuals doing hands-on, fulfilling work. We give you an opportunity to engage with practical applications of your knowledge.

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