10 Reasons Why Flexible Work is Awesome

Have you considered how your life could be different with a flexible job? Technology is bringing the experience of working when and where you want to students, parents, and workers all around the world. In this blog post, we list 10 reasons why flexible work is awesome. Desk with office supplies on it Flexible jobs are a great way to take control of your work-life balance, from helping you with financial needs to reducing stress in your daily life. Getting to choose when and where you work can help you achieve a healthy work-life-balance. As technology continues to improve, finding a legitimate, flexible job is now easier than ever. Here are 10 reasons why we love flexible work:

1. Work from home

Working from home can save you time that might be spent commuting to an office. A few uses for that extra time can include: organizing your home, spending time with your family, and spending less money on food. Living room with TV couch chairs and coffee table

2. Choose your commute

Depending on your responsibilities, work from home jobs can allow you to work in a variety of places and reduce your daily commute. You might enjoy working in a secure and private space at your local library, or in a coworking office close to your home. Woman with bike talking to other woman on sidewalk

3. Spend more time with your family

Whether you’re taking care of your kids or your pets, a flexible and remote job can help you plan a better schedule for your family. That could mean more time for you to bring the kids to school and more time to watch them at after-school activities. You could also spend more time walking the dog or playing at the park. Family at a dining table in a kitchen

4. Make your own schedule

With control over your own schedule, you can find more time to pursue your passions. Consider signing up for an art class or an exercise class during the day. You may even want to pursue professional-development courses in the evenings. Person's hand holding a pen writing into a notebook

5. Make extra money while pursuing your passions

You can also find part-time, work-from-home positions that allow you to earn money during your spare time. If you are a regular social media user, consider applying for a job as a Social Media Evaluator. Two men working at laptops while one holds a camera

6. Make money while pursuing a degree

If you are a student at university, remote and flexible work can be a great way to earn money in your time between classes. You can even make money during your breaks and while riding the bus or other public transportation. Be sure to balance your work and school time appropriately. Students studying together at a table

7. Make money after moving

You might need to move houses to follow a significant other or to be closer to family. Having a flexible job could make it easier to make money in a new state or country. Be sure to check the job description for the specific requirements, and if you can change locations during an assignment. Two people looking at each other while packing boxes

8. Increase your productivity

A work-from-home job can be a great opportunity to learn new ways to work. Maybe you prefer starting your day earlier, or taking more time for lunch. With our Web Search Evaluator position, you can set a flexible schedule for yourself that could help increase your productivity. Woman looking out of office window

9. Become less stressed

Stress can happen when you feel like you’re running out of time. With a work-from-home job, you can set hours for yourself to be more productive and be more relaxed. You might have more time to visit the doctor, or take exercise classes and meditate. Two women on exercise bikes

10. Achieve work-life balance

Work-life balance can be a big part of your mental health and your career. Look and apply for remote jobs that can help you spend more time working on the things you enjoy. People toasting wine glasses at dinner   — If you enjoyed reading our article about 10 Reasons Why Flexible Work is Awesome, visit appen.com/careers to see our available opportunities.
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