5 Easy Steps to Examine Your Diet and Eat Healthier

It can be so easy to lose track of what you eat. From multiple drive-thru options to apps that deliver food straight to your door, it’s easier than ever to stray from eating healthy. Lucky for you, we’ve got five easy steps to help put you back on the right track!

Keep a Food Diary

The first step to examining your diet is to keep a record of what you’re eating. This will also help identify your eating habits. A food diary can be kept in a planner, jotted down on sticky notes, or recorded in a small notebook. Once you get into the habit of writing down what you eat every day, it will be easier to understand what your daily diet consists of.

Identify Your Eating Habits

When you are making notes of what you eat in a week, you should also start to pay attention to other factors. For example, do you typically eat late at night? Do you eat many times during the day? These types of questions can help you think about your relationship with food and what changes you may need to make.

Try an Elimination Diet

Did you know that food sensitivities can have an effect on your entire body and not just your digestion? Some foods can cause inflammation that causes stomach pain, migraines, and bloating. In some individuals, what you eat can also effect your joints or even eczema. When you keep a record of what you eat this can also help you identify if certain foods are effecting you negatively.

Replace Unhealthy Food Options

You don’t have to change your entire diet all at once. As you become more mindful of your eating habits and what you typically eat day by day, you can start to identify unhealthy food options. If you are someone who typically reaches for a sugary snack while you’re working, try switching it out for something healthy. If you’re not sure where to start, here are 25 delicious recipes to inspire you.

Prepare Healthy Meals Ahead of Time

Ready to start eating healthier now but worried you don’t have enough time in your busy schedule? That’s where meal prep comes in handy! You can plan ahead for the rest of the week and even make freezer-ready recipes too. Meal prep is the perfect way to make sure you’ve got healthy meals ready to go.

There you have it! You don’t have to wait to make a New Year’s Resolution if you want to start eating healthy. With these five easy steps, you can start to examine your diet and develop a plan.  Good luck!

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