A Day in the Life of an Appen Contributor: Karen

At Appen, each team member plays a vital role in getting the job done. One of the critical parts of our work is data labeling to create accurate, high-quality training data for AI. In the early stages, creating this training data requires human support. That’s where our Appen Contributors come in.

What Our Appen Contributors Are Working On

At Appen, contributors work to sort and label data to prepare it to be used as training data for AI algorithms. We’re proud to have been named by FlexJobs as the #1 company with remote jobs. Our contributors can choose which tasks they want to work on, when they want to work, and where they want to work. We are proud to offer flexible jobs and fair pay.

Our contributors work on innovative projects by:

  • Categorizing topics and emotions in social media posts
  • Moderating image and text content for appropriateness
  • Transcribing audio content
  • Annotating images

Because our contributors are valuable members of our Appen team, we want to highlight them and their accomplishments in this series.

Meet: Karen 

Our first featured contributor is Karen, a mother of one living in the UK, near Kent with her husband, son, and mother. Karen loves to watch movies, go out for meals with friends, take the family for a picnic when the kids are off school, and to sing. Not only does she sing, but she leads a community choir in her town. Post-COVID lockdowns, Karen is really looking forward to starting up her choir again.

What Appen Projects Karen Reeves-Toppin is Working On

Karen is a contributor to a number of different Appen projects working on video collection and content and search relevance. She submits conversations with friends or family members talking about specific topics or sorts through topics and articles to confirm if they are relevant to the content or search terms. All these projects improve the way AI solutions work for all users.

Why Work for Appen?

As a busy person and mother, one of the best parts of working for Appen is the ease and convenience for Karen. She says that working for Appen is “a way for me to earn in the time when I can’t earn from my other projects.” And, she also says it’s brought her closer to new technology, “it’s also a great way to make AI a bit more user-friendly, especially for my demographic, which is really needed.”

Not only does Appen always have a project to work on, but it gives Karen the freedom to choose her own hours. She often works on Appen projects during the day when the house is empty or late at night when her family has all gone to bed.

And, her work for Appen gave her enough funds to donate her balloon work to a friend for her 40th birthday and to her son’s school for their graduation disco.

How You Can Become an Appen Contributor

Interested in flexible work hours and fair pay? You can become an Appen contributor, just like Karen. To get started, visit our jobs page and follow these simple steps.

  1. Select a project that interests you and read the instructions.
  2. Apply to work on the task.
  3. Start tasking! We track your task accuracy. A high accuracy rate means you can level up on work on more projects.

The best part about working for Appen as a contributor is that you get to set your own hours. Work when you can and for as long as you want. If your work gets interrupted, that’s ok, come back anytime to finish.

We are always looking for great people to work as Appen contributors. If you’re looking for a flexible job and hours, apply today to get started.

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