Appen Celebrates PRIDE!

At Appen, we continuously support, develop and promote a culture of diversity and inclusivity for all employees.

Throughout many parts of the world, LGBTIQ pride is celebrated during the month of June to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall riots in New York City. The teams at Appen and Figure Eight, along with the LGBTIQ community, their allies, and supporters would like to extend their warm wishes to all our global LGBTIQ staff, their families and loved ones.

Here are some of our favorite Pride Month moments and messages from our teams around the world:

“When we designed our Pride shirts, we discussed why the rainbow flag means something to us as a company. We are particularly proud for a couple of reasons: our staff is diverse, and we have actual use cases that create safe spaces for minority communities, including LGBTQ+ folks. We summarized this by saying ‘We Help Train Inclusive AI’. Everyone at Figure Eight and Appen is very proud of that!” — Joe C. & Ezequiel P.

“Few companies where I live have such a strong culture of acceptance and inclusion, so I am especially grateful to work for Appen” — Ben C.

“We have employees and independent contractors all over the world – some in places where identifying as LGBTQ+ can be challenging and even dangerous. We want to show every queer person associated with Appen that we celebrate you. Not just today, but every day of the year!” — Ruben S.


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