Appen Contributors Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month

At Appen, our Crowd is global, which means a variety of holidays and observances from all parts of the world. In observance of Hispanic Heritage Month, we spoke to some of our Contributors to learn more about what it means to them and their families. 

What is Hispanic Heritage Month?

A celebration of the histories, achievements and contributions of the Hispanic-American citizens whose ancestors came from Spain, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Central and South America to the United States. Hispanic Heritage month also represents independence for Latin American countries. – National Hispanic Heritage

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you?

Hispanic heritage month is a part of my family’s identity. I want nothing more than for them to understand their heritage. My children’s father is from Tamaulipas, Mexico and he really loves showing them his culture. – Kristy

A woman celebrating Dia de los Muertos

How do you celebrate?

One of our Contributors, Johnathan, at the Miami Beach Latin Festival

I celebrate with friends. We like to BBQ, have lots of delicious Latin food, and dance to Latin music. We celebrate and party almost every weekend with our friends and our family for practically the whole month. – Johnathan

One of our Contributors, Genaro on Dia de los Muertos

We usually have contests at work between departments to see who builds the best Dia de los Muertos altar. We also go to the cemetery to visit our dead relatives. Our whole family gets together to eat tamales and champurrado. We also bring their favorite food and leave it at their graves. – Genaro

One of our Contributors, Paul, in Ecuador

The important part of Hispanic Heritage Month for me and my family is both sides of our family are native Spanish and we celebrate every single year with my family in Ecuador for an entire week. – Paul

In my family, we celebrate all holidays with joy, good humor, with friends and friends of our friends. The best memories are always in the company of those we love. – Mebenga

At Appen, our Contributors are our most important resource, so we value what’s important to you and want to celebrate it! Thank you to all of our Contributors who took the time to speak with us about their Hispanic Heritage Month traditions and celebrations. Thanks for all that you do and we’ll see you next time.

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