August Holidays From Around the World

For some of our Crowd, the new school year is just getting started. For others, they may be still enjoying the last few weeks of summer vacation. We love talking to our Crowd members to hear more about how they’re spending these last few weeks of summer. Read on to learn more about what special occasions our Contributors celebrated during August.

National Women’s Day, August 9 (South Africa)

Women’s Living Heritage Monument at Lillian Ngoyi Square in Pretoria

August is National Women’s Month in South Africa. August 9th is the anniversary of the 1956 march of 20,000 women who were petitioning laws that aimed to segregate the work force. This holiday also serves to honor the work that women have done to empower others and strive for  gender equality.

Father’s Day, August 14 (Brazil)

From our Contributor, Dayanny, “On that day we celebrate the love we have for our parents.”

The second Sunday in August marks Father’s Day in Brazil. The date was chosen to honor St. Joachim, the father of Mary and patron saint of fathers and grandfathers. 

Independence Day, August 15 (India)

India is known as the “world’s largest democracy”

The anniversary of India’s independence from the United Kingdom occurred on August 15, 1947. The Prime Minister of India raises the Indian Flag and gives an address to the nation.

Independence Day, August 17 (Indonesia)

Independence Day became a national holiday in 1946

August 17th marks Independence Day in Indonesia. The country first proclaimed independence on August 17, 1945. 

Anniversary of the Revolution of the King, August 20 (Morocco)

King Mohammed V paved the way toward Morocco’s independence

The people of Morocco celebrate this day in August as the anniversary of King Mohammad V’s return to Morocco after he was exiled to Madagascar. His return led to a revolution in Morocco and also the country’s independence.

Kadayawan Festival, August 21 (Philippines)

The Kadayawan Festival takes place annually in the city of Davao.

The Kadayawan Festival is a celebration of life and is celebrated with dancing and costumes that pay tribute to indigenous heritage. 

National Heroes Day, August 29 (Philippines)

A National Heroes Committee was set up in 1995 to recommend those who should be counted as ‘National Heroes’.

Known as Araw ng mga Bayani, the last Monday in August commemorates National Heroes Day in the Philippines. This public holiday celebrates the heroes who fought for the nation’s freedom.

To our Contributors, thanks for taking the time to tell us about special events happening in your part of the world! If you want to see your responses featured in our next blog post, make sure to fill out our survey for September. See you next time!

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