5 Ways a Web Search Evaluator Optimizes the Web Experience

The internet has become one of the most useful tools of our generation. Thanks to this technology, daily tasks are becoming more and more easy. Your browsing activity is useful tech data that can transform how you experience the web. Check out five ways you can help improve the web as a Web Search Evaluator. Did you know that companies optimize their websites to better the user experience for their customers? Have you ever wondered how your own browsing on the web contributes to those optimizations? For example, maybe you love to do online shopping. You spend hours checking every possible color for the perfect item and by the time you find the right color, your shopping cart is full of accessories that will make you stand out from the rest. Both your sense of style and the way you selected this group of products are rich with data. An online clothing store could analyze this web activity to provide an optimized landing page that is better adapted for its customers. They also analyze the search terms that customers like you use to find their products. With a flexible, online job as a web search evaluator, you can earn extra income simply by browsing the web like you normally would. All you have to do is provide your ideas on how to make the website better. Here are five ways that a Web Search Evaluator optimizes the web experience: A group of young people in the park looking at a laptop

1. More accurate search results

With so much content on the internet, it can be easy to come across results that have little to do with your research. You are looking for a specific thing and without good data, it could take dozens of results to find exactly what you’re after. Entering search term data can help train the website to give you exactly the items you’re searching for.

2. Predictive search optimization

Navigating your favorite site can become a personalized experience thanks to existing data and preferences in your browser. Suggestions become more effective according to common browsing habits. The website anticipates the results you want, and so you are able to access the information you care about even faster. It’s not magic; it’s simply the power of data and the internet. A search engine evaluator is integral in advancing this technology.

3. Faster loading speeds

A page that doesn’t load quickly can annoy customers to the point where they leave the website and go elsewhere to make purchases. The speed of a website is an essential part of the online shopping experience. Data from web search evaluators can send signals to developers that a page is loading too slowly. The programmers can then rearrange the page to load more quickly!

4. Improved functionality and efficiency

The data entered during an evaluation session can reveal inefficient website performance. If there are technical problems on the site, companies can rely on evaluators’ feedback to let them know how to make the experience more efficient. An image that is missing, a page that no longer exists, or one that does not load are all common problems on the web. A search engine evaluator reports this kind of error on the site to ensure that the site is functional and works more efficiently.

5. Personalized browsing experiences

Navigation data is used to predict and anticipate user activity. With more accurate information, keyword searches can become more precise based on your specific preferences. The cookies used to track web search behavior allow websites to preload your usage preferences. In the world of internet shopping, personalized cookies help the website anticipate the products you are likely to compare. That’s why you may see suggested products based on the ones you’ve been looking for recently. Better web search evaluation means better browsing cookies and a more personalized shopping experience! Woman holding her cellphone and credit card With a work-at-home job like a Web Search Evaluator, you can provide useful feedback on the user experience and functionality of your favorite websites. Data from these evaluations help websites showcase trending items like news stories, electronics, and clothing. It all starts with your opinion on how relevant the results are. Web search evaluators help companies make websites into the best customer experiences they can be!   If you enjoyed reading our article about Better Data, Better Browsing : 5 Ways a Web Search Evaluator Optimizes the Web Experience, visit appen.com/careers to see our available opportunities.
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