Boost Productivity With These Apps

Six Productivity Apps To Help You Get More Done

If you’re not already leveraging technology to boost your productivity, you’re missing out on many incredible tools. There’s a tremendous number of mobile apps available that can help you manage to-do lists, projects, time, and more.

How do you sort out which apps are most worth your time? To help you get started, we’ve collected a round-up of our favorite apps for productivity across six key categories. All our recommendations are downloadable on Android and iOS and have free or inexpensive options available.


To-do List App: Todoist

Price: Free and Premium

Todoist helps you organize and track your work tasks, errands, and goals. You can sort tasks, set due dates and reminders based on location and time of day. You can also rank priorities and collaborate on tasks with others. The user interface is clean and super easy to use, perfect for a simple, straightforward task tracking method.

Time Tracking App: Toggl

Price: Free and Premium

Toggl may be simple, but in this case, simplicity is key. The app’s main selling point is speed. A single tap lets you track and save time. In its latest version on iOS, you can even use voice commands via Siri for added convenience.

Toggl provides regular reports to show you visually where your time is going. It also provides a calendar view of your upcoming events and syncs them with your other devices.

Notes Organizer App: Evernote

Price: Free and Premium

Evernote is popular for a reason: not only can you capture your written notes in the app, but you can also add photos, web pages, audio, sketches, files, and more. You can scan any document, such as handwritten notes, into the app. All of these types of data (including your own handwriting!) are instantly searchable and shareable. Evernote can also sync across all your other devices.

Focus App: Forest

Price: $1.99

Forest is an innovative app that gamifies time-tracking. When you start the timer in the app, a tree starts growing. The second you switch to another app or window, the tree dies. If you stay on the Forest screen, your tree will grow until the time is up, and you’ll be able to add that tree to your virtual forest!

Believe it or not, this app has proven successful in helping people stay on task and avoid distractions on their phones. Not to mention, if you use the app enough, Forest will plant real trees!

Project Management App: Trello

Price: Free and Premium

There are tons of project management apps out there that support teams in different ways. Trello stands out for the simple visual way it displays your project tasks, using boards, cards, and checklists. You can add labels and due dates to your task items to further categorize them.

Even if you’re not looking to collaborate with a team, Trello is very customizable to your individual needs and can help you remember the smallest details about your various projects and workflows.

Habit Tracking App: Strides

Price: Free and Premium

Strides is a clean, easy-to-use habit-tracking app that lets you track goals using reminders and charts to keep you motivated. Strides lets you set habit streak goals (like “I’m going to floss every day for the next 30 days”) and provides updates on how you’re progressing against that goal.

Unlike many other habit tracking apps, you can also customize the habit by the quantity and average amount of times completed per week—as in, “I’m going to run five miles three times per week.” This works excellent for habits you’d like to work on but don’t need to do daily.

Using tools, like apps, to help minimize distractions, keep you moving toward your goals, and building healthy habits will not only help you get through your to-do list faster, but will also free up time for you to do other things – like start a new hobby, practice yoga, learn to cook, or spend time with family.

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