Contributor Spotlight: Edilaide

At Appen, our Crowd is global, and we love hearing from our Contributors how Appen became part of their daily lives. We spoke to Edilaide, from Brazil, about how she joined Appen for personal growth.

Please tell us about yourself.

I live in Brazil. I like to watch TV and movies, and I enjoy shopping malls and the beach. My family is big and loving, we are all very close. I work in the health industry and have a degree in Quality Management.

Why did you choose to be a Contributor for Appen?

I chose to work for Appen because it is a leading company in its segment. Appen has great opportunities. It is an innovative company that brings excellent work to those who are looking for a chance to develop financially and professionally. I like the transparent way Appen informs us of work projects, as well as the smooth way payments are made.

When do you do your work for Appen?

I do my work throughout the day, preferably at night.

What is your favorite part about being a Contributor?

The main driver for me is learning and monetary gains, but this is not just about money. It has more to do with professional growth, as the opportunity opens up new doors and new horizons. It puts us in line with the company’s culture and the current world. There are usually projects with promising opportunities.

What has working for Appen enabled you to do that you could not before?

Working for Appen allowed me to discover new opportunities to improve myself professionally and earn more as I improve. Appen allowed me, through the projects, to understand a new source of honest and productive income. 

Thanks for chatting with us Edilaide!

Are YOU interested in becoming an Appen Contributor?

Interested in flexible work hours and fair pay? You can become an Appen Contributor, just like Edilaide! To get started, visit our jobs page and follow these simple steps:

  1. Select a project that interests you and read the instructions.
  2. Apply to work on the task.
  3. Start working! We track your accuracy. A high accuracy rate means you can level up on work on more projects.

The best part about working for Appen as a Contributor is you get to set your own hours. Work when you can and for as long as you want. If your work gets interrupted, that’s ok – come back anytime to finish. We’re always looking for great people, so if you’re looking for a flexible job, apply today to get started!


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