Crowd Chats: Appen’s Pets

We love pets! Whether they are big, small, feathered, or furry, we are celebrating our Contributor’s pets. Thanks to our Contributors who took the time to tell us about their best fluffy friends and family pets. 

Lorenzo, Poodle

Lorenzo, also known as Lolo, has been in Carolina’s family for over a year. “He is a fan of playing with balls, any kind: tennis, football, hockey, golf balls… he just loves running after a ball! And he can do it all day long!”

Pepper, Chihuahua


Janize, from the Philippines, took these adorable photos of her family’s dog, Pepper. Their family owns two dogs and a tortoise. She says, “She loves baths but gets cold easily. She likes to sit on my lap whenever I work.”

Mocha, German Shepherd

Mocha celebrated their first birthday last year. Jara, from the Philippines, says her little dog has a big heart.

Want to have your pet featured on the blog?  Click the link to tell us about your pets. All pets are welcome!

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