Crowd Chats: Tech from the Past

Do you remember typing up a school paper and saving it on a floppy disk? Maybe you were just a kid when the first Gameboy Color hit the market. Technology is always changing but our memories about different products, devices, and software that have existed over the years live on. We talked to our Crowd to ask them about technology, devices, and software  Take a look at this blast from the past.

Floppy disk

Created by IBM in the late 1960s, a floppy disk was a type of storage unit stored in a thin, flexible disk. Floppy disks stored digital data which could be read when inserted into a computer. Some companies still utilize floppy disks to read or transfer data. 

Dzaky, from Indonesia, said, “The floppy disk is important because it shows the new generation how fast technology develops.” He added, “The shape is so unique.”

Taimoor, from Pakistan, told us he had good memories when thinking about using a floppy disk. “It used to hold 1-2 pictures max because it was like 4 MB.”

“It is important to remember where we came from and understand how technology moves so quickly. From this, we can learn to adapt to the changes.” – Zulfahmy, Malaysia 

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