Crowd Chats: What Are Your Hopes For the New Year? (Part 2)

A new year brings new surprises but also the chance to set new goals. We asked our Crowd about their hopes for 2023. Some of them plan to meet challenging resolutions. Others hope for success and new adventures. Read on to find out what some of our Contributors have planned for the New Year!

Natalie pictured with her family

What is your hope for the New Year?

Vinitha (India): I want to be able to live a good and happy life

Rilwan (Nigeria): I hope to gain more skills and financial independence

Natalie (Brazil): I am working to be financially independent

Ileni (Brazil): To pay off all my debts

Alif (Indonesia): I want to become an IT professional




From Ileni, enjoying the view in Brazil

Do you have any goals for 2023?

Vinitha: My goal is to be a strong and independent woman

Rilwan: I hope to keep improving in my work

Natalie: I am working to pay off all my credit cards

Ileni: I want to organize my finances this year and invest my money

Alif: I want to work on more Appen projects

Thanks for sharing your submissions with us! We know great things lie ahead for our Crowd in 2023 and look forward to hearing all about them.


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