Fun Ways to Spend More Time With Your Dog With a Work-at-Home Job

There are many great benefits that come with working from home. The opportunity to spend more time with your dog is among the best! With a flexible job, you have more time to spend with your canine companion. Whether your dog gets anxious being home alone or you want to keep a watchful eye on a particularly energetic pup, a work-at-home job such as a Web Search Evaluator or a Social Media Evaluator is a great way to earn money while enabling you to spend more time with your furry friend. Bringing your dog to work is a great perk that comes with a flexible job. A good relationship with an animal can boost morale and help facilitate healthy social interaction on a daily basis. In your home office, having a dog around can improve productivity and reduce stress in your workflow. Here are 10 ways you can spend more time with your dog with a work-at-home job:

1. Go to the dog park

The park is great place to let your dog run free and interact with other dogs. They get to socialize with other pets in a playful and active setting. Socializing your dog can lead to better human-dog communication and help to improve a pet’s overall behavior in public. Going to the park is a mutually beneficial activity. Both you and your dog get the opportunity to exercise outside!

2. Go to a pet friendly cafe or bar

Including your dog in the daily routine is a simple way to spend more time together while you complete errands around town. While you’re out-and-about, enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold drink at a café or brewery that is pet-friendly. Many establishments have designated dog areas or openly welcome dogs on their patios to hang out with their owners. In some instances, pet-friendly establishments will offer treats not only for you, but for your furry friend as well. woman on yoga mat looking at dog

3. Plan a workout

Staying active is important for your health and your dog’s health too. Including your canine companion in your workout routine is a fun way to spend more time together. Try taking your dog on a morning jog or integrating them with other physical activities like biking, skateboarding, or rollerblading. Ever heard of dog yoga? Dog yoga or “doga”  is a yoga trend that is meant to strengthen the body, the mind, and the bond between you and your dog. Your dog follows the yoga class right beside you, giving a whole new meaning to the downward-dog pose!

4. Teach your dog a new trick

You can teach an old dog new tricks! Whether your dog has been a companion to you for many years or your dog is a young puppy running free around your home, it’s never too late to teach your pet a fun trick that will impress your friends and family. A new trick can even help your pet with concentration and mental stimulation. The trick can be as simple as a handshake or as complicated as riding a skateboard. dog looking out of car window

5. Go on a road trip

When the weather’s nice, it’s hard to beat the joy of taking a long drive with the windows down. If your dog is used to being in the car, considering taking them on a road trip to visit a nearby city or wildlife area. You can explore the area around your home while your dog gets the chance to have their ears in the wind!

6. Take your dog on a hike

Enjoying the great outdoors can be a great experience with your furry companion. Do some research to find a dog-friendly hiking trail in your area and plan some time to get outside. A new trail gives your dog the opportunity to explore and utilise their keen sense of smell. There are lots of unique sounds and noises for them to explore.

7. Take your dog for a swim

A change of scenery can do wonders for creating a relaxing bonding experience. Taking your dog for a swim can help introduce them to new smells and an aquatic environment that provides a lot of activities for you to do together. Play an exciting game of fetch in the water or go for a swim or build a sandcastle for your dog to tear down. Be sure to provide your companion with a life vest for safety. It’s also important to check that that the water park is dog-friendly with designated areas for dogs to play in.

8. Volunteer at an animal shelter or local school

Dogs with great social skills might enjoying volunteering with you at an animal shelter as an adoption ambassador. Your dog may even be a good fit for a local school or library as a stress-reducing therapy animal. Search for training and certification classes that can help your dog become a service pet. It’s a great way for both of you to give back to the community. Volunteering with your dog can help spread the joy that a furry friend brings to everyday situations.

9. Take an obedience or agility class

Your dog may benefit from obedience or agility courses. These types of courses can help improve social interaction skills with humans and other dogs. An obedience class can increase communication skills between you and your pet. You can also consider signing up for an agility or sports class where your canine companion learns to complete obstacle courses and athletic challenges. Agility classes are good for both mental and physical exercise.

10. Have a doggy spa day

Consider treating your dog to a day of relaxation at the dog spa. Many groomers now focus on keeping your pet nice and relaxed by offering speciality pedicures, massages, and other therapeutic grooming services. A spa day at home can also be equally as relaxing. Try buying a new pet shampoo or testing out the best belly rub techniques. A flexible, work-from-home job can help you spend more time with your canine companion. Working alongside your pet is part of taking control of your work-life balance. With more control over your schedule, you can take responsibility for your day and focus on increasing the quality of your work. What are some other ways that you bond with your dog? Let us know in the comments below!   If you enjoyed reading our article about Fun Ways to Spend More Time With Your Dog With a Work-at-Home Job, visit to see our available opportunities.
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