Hispanic Heritage Month: Tech Startups Created by Latinos

In the ever-evolving landscape of the global tech industry, one vibrant and dynamic force has been on the rise—Latino tech startups. Across Latin America and beyond, a new generation of visionary entrepreneurs is harnessing innovation and technology to reshape industries, solve pressing problems, and redefine success.

This month is Hispanic Heritage Month and we will be shining a light on Latinos in the tech industry. From fintech to healthcare, e-commerce to sustainability, these startups are not only changing the face of entrepreneurship but also leaving an indelible mark on the future of technology worldwide. 



Auth0, founded by Eugenio Pace, is an identity and access management platform that simplifies authentication and authorization for developers.


Unima, led by Diego Rojas, focuses on creating affordable and sustainable diagnostic devices for diseases in developing countries, with a particular emphasis on Latin America.


Although not a startup anymore, Rappi was co-founded by Colombian entrepreneur Simón Borrero. It’s a popular on-demand delivery service that has expanded across Latin America.


Adalberto Flores co-founded Kueski, a Mexican fintech startup that offers online microloans to consumers in Latin America.


Bitso, co-founded by Pablo Gonzalez and Ben Peters, is a Mexican cryptocurrency exchange platform that has grown in popularity.


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