Introducing Our New Chief Technology Officer

A letter from our CEO, Armughan Ahmad, introducing Appen’s new Chief Technology Officer, Saty Bahadur.

I am thrilled to introduce our new Chief Technology Officer, Saty Bahadur, who joined Appen today. This is a momentous occasion for our organization as we have hired a highly experienced and accomplished leader to drive our technology strategy forward and help us achieve our company goals.

I am delighted to welcome Saty, a highly respected technology visionary and renowned expert in the AI industry, to Appen. Saty’s addition to our team will enable us to further enhance our Appen platform, deliver even better experiences for our crowd, and delight our clients. Our commitment to providing world-class AI products and services remains unwavering, as we continue to empower our clients to create transformative and ethical AI-driven solutions.

I believe that technology is a crucial component of our success. In today’s landscape, technology is the backbone of any organization and the driving force behind innovation, efficiency, and growth. Therefore, hiring a new CTO was a significant decision, and I am confident that Saty is the right person for the job.

Saty has a distinguished track record of developing cutting-edge platforms and AI solutions for top-tier technology companies. As the former CTO at Upwork Global Inc. (Upwork), he successfully led global engineering teams in developing a platform that connected clients and freelancers. This experience resonates with Appen’s capability to curate custom teams of AI training specialists for clients through our 1 million+ global crowd. During his tenure as the General Manager at Amazon, Saty played a crucial role in developing the AI platform for Alexa – where he was a customer of Appen. Saty’s impressive career includes a decade at Microsoft, where he contributed to the development of pioneering products in various engineering leadership positions. He played a key role in developing Windows mobile operating systems. Saty began his career at Intel Corporation, holding both engineering and management roles, and contributed to the architecture of the Pentium 4 processor, the standardization of InfiniBand networking, and the industry’s first-ever operating system virtualization solution.

With his extensive knowledge and expertise, I believe that Saty will be instrumental in leading our technology strategy, and and a critical leader in helping us achieve our company goals. As you have heard from me before, technology is the enabler and people are the transformers. Just as I am committed to fostering a work environment that empowers our employees to do their best work and achieve their full potential, Saty shares this same commitment. Saty and I plan to work to build a culture of innovation, winning together, and results within our technology organization.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to Saty. I am confident that his appointment will be a game-changer for our company and will help us achieve our technology goals. Please join me in welcoming him to our team and let us all work together to support him in him new role.

Please see attached short video Saty recorded on why he joined Appen.


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