Top Office Supplies To Streamline Your Home Office

Gone are the days where working from home was a fantasy for those working in a traditional office setting. Many workers now have the opportunity to work from their home office at least some of the time. Remote work is no longer the future—it’s the here and now, and productivity at home often starts with the tools you choose to achieve your tasks. With an increase in the the remote workforce, it’s increasingly important for those working from home to have an established office space, as well as to stock-up on the office supplies that could make or break a solid workweek. For those juggling calls and emails, these office-supply essentials will ensure you stay efficient and organized:

1. Computer

Desktop computer, laptop, tablet—in a home office, a large portion of your working hours are spent on a reliable, user-friendly machine. Do your research and select a system that makes the most sense for you. Here’s a tip: set up one or two extra monitors on your desk may make multitasking easier, and it can be better for your neck too.

2. Desk

Sitting or standing—these days, there are a many options for optimizing your posture as much as your projects. While choosing your ideal desk is a personal call, height-adjustable desks can easily toggle between sitting and standing and offer an ideal way to switch up your space during the day. Much like your computer selection, pick a desk that works for you. From size and material, to features such as storage drawers, wheels, and cable management options, there’s a work-space solution for everyone.

Woman working on laptop at a standing desk3. Chair

Along the same lines as desk selection, choosing a chair, a good chair, ensures stability and back support as much as efficiency. Ergonomics matter big time, so take your time, do your research, and consider testing your top picks before opting to order one. Stability and balance balls may also be a good option for you. It’s worth trying out different options to see what’s most comfortable for you.

4. Lighting

Adequate lighting is highly recommended for those working from their home office. Poor lighting in your home office may induce headaches or eye strain, so take the time to plug-in lamps that are effective and easy on your eyes. Consider energy-saving LED light bulbs to help with electricity costs.

5. File cabinet

There are plenty of productive, paperless options for managing your documents. However, even for those vying to be paperless, there’s usually a fair amount of hard copy documents to keep around, such as legal documents. A file cabinet is a sure-fire means of keeping all printed essentials organized.

6. Notebook and sticky notes

There are several software solutions that will manage projects, assign tasks, and store assets digitally. That said, there’s still a case to be made for notebooks and sticky notes. Keep a writing pad and a stack of notes around for all those impromptu ideas. These pocket-sized essentials will conveniently stick to your desk and help keep you on task. Wood desk with office suppliesBe it high-speed internet and standing desks, fire-safe boxes and paper shredders, potted plants or a sound system that helps with your productivity—your home office holds no limits. Setting up the perfect space that’s private and personalized ensures you’re able to get down to business.   If you enjoyed reading our article about Top Office Supplies to Streamline Your Home Office, visit to see our available opportunities.
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