ASX Release: Andrew Ettinger appointed Chief Revenue Officer

Appen Limited (Appen) (ASX: APX) today announced the appointment of Andrew Ettinger as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO), effective 22 May 2023.

Andrew brings a wealth of experience with more than 25 years in leadership roles with companies at various stages of growth.  Through his deep understanding of the sales process, key metrics to drive the business and deep technical acumen, he has repeatedly demonstrated his ability to build best in class sales teams that achieved impressive growth.

In his past roles, Andrew consistently delivered results by building, hiring, growing, mentoring, and scaling teams.  He has been responsible for over $2 Billion in Software and Services sales in the past 7 years and hired over 400 people into leadership and individual contributor roles. Andrew has been able to use cloud technology to enable businesses to scale, innovate, and streamline their operations. Prior to joining Appen, he was able to work for Pivotal Software, taking the business from 0-$100 in Annual Recurring Revenue within a year, and up to $500M soon after. 

As a disruptor in the data management space, Andrew led teams that harnessed the power of data to drive insights, optimize processes, and create personalized data driven application experiences for customers. As Chief Revenue officer at Astronomer, he grew the adoption of an open-source data solution from 250k monthly downloads to over 15 million in just 2.5 years and grew their customer count by 600%, with a 75%-win rate, and increased revenue by 20x.  

A prominent driving factor in Adrew’s decision to join Appen is the opportunity to enable a Safe and Trusted AI world that also delivers on the promise of Social Good. “In order for AI to run the world it must be safe and trusted by everyone, in every place and at every moment.  This is easy to say and hard to do and Appen has an opportunity to be that core infrastructure layer to enable this to happen.” says Andrew. 

The upcoming launch of Appen’s new large language model (LLM) data products, designed to enable enterprises to launch their AI applications with confidence that their generative AI models are trustworthy, is one of the many initiatives that Andrew will lead. The products offer a range of features that prioritize trust, risk management, and assurance while also providing businesses with complete visibility into the performance of their models. 

Andrew will be based in Appen’s offices in North America. 

Armughan Ahmad, CEO of Appen, commented: 
“It is with great excitement that we announce the appointment of Andrew to the Appen executive leadership team as our new CRO. With his insights as a modern data driven executive revenue leader, Andrew will be instrumental in helping us amplify our commitment to providing world-class AI products and services. Andrew is a transformational leader, with a deep understanding of the current technology market particularly around data, applications, cloud, and the overall digital transformation of business and will serve as a tremendous asset to Appen.

Commenting on his appointment, Andrew Ettinger said:   

“With our mutual commitment and dedication to driving customer success, combined with Appen’s deep product innovation, there is no other place to be in the AI space. I am incredibly excited to join Armughan and the team, and to be a part of Appen’s journey and contribute to the future of AI.” 

Authorised by the Board of Appen Limited.  

For more information, please contact: 
Rosalie Duff  
Head of Investor Relations  
+61 421 611 932 

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