Scale to New Markets Quickly and Efficiently

To effectively reach customers in markets around the globe, you need to be able to communicate your message successfully in the local language and feel confident that cultural nuances are being addressed.

With our suite of translation and localization solutions for machine translation testing and training, we can help you scale to new markets easily. We have over 25 years of project management experience, language expertise, and a commitment to quality to successfully support all your translation and localization needs.

Professional Linguists and Translation Experts

Our team of professional linguists and translation experts offer a range of services, from translating corpora for your machine translation systems, to consulting on translation/localization solution design and evaluation metrics to improve your system’s quality. We specialize in all translation services needed to train and develop AI systems, not just traditional document translation so you can rest assured your AI system will be trained to work as expected in varying scenarios.

Additionally, our experts offer the insight into cultural nuances that computers simply cannot, which do not always have a one-to-one correlation between languages. The ability to unite project management expertise and deep linguistic knowledge makes our project teams unique and ensures top quality results for our clients.

Tooling and Automation on Appen Translation Projects

Appen leverages one of the best translation tools in the industry, with features including:

  • Translation Memory
  • Terminology / Glossary Management
  • Tag Prediction & Automated Consistency Checks
  • Detailed Linguistic Quality Assurance
  • 50+ File Formats Supported


Appen Translation Specialists

  • Help create a well thought-out, structured foundation for your project and tailored quality plan to deliver the right kind of data
  • Provide tooling and scripting expertise to improve quality and reduce timelines
  • Predict, diagnose, and overcome project challenges
  • Communicate carefully to understand and relay your unique objectives
  • Take on day-to-day project management and personnel functions



Why Appen?

Our experts will tailor their solutions to your objectives; whether it’s user-facing content where a full review and proofreading pass will be conducted, or machine translation training data where we can prioritize speed and scale with a qualification process to suit your system’s needs.

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