AI Trends of 2022: The State of AI Revealed

Change is constant in the AI industry; new technologies and methods are being created every month. To keep up with the change, companies must look to the newest trends, and adopt them into their own AI growth plans. Sitting back and watching events unfold for others isn’t an option in the world of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

Watch On-Demand AI Trends of 2022: The State of AI Revealed, our webinar covering the highlights of the 8th annual State of AI and Machine Learning report.  Hosted by Appen Senior Director of Product, Will Ackerman and featuring CTO, Wilson Pang, VP of Enterprise Solutions, Erik Vogt, and The Harris Poll Managing Director, Rob Jekielek. This webinar focuses on the current trends in AI and how they have changed from previous years. 

In the webinar AI Trends of 2022: The State of AI Revealed, we: 

  • Identify the changes in AI adoption and budgets 

  • Explore what is ethical and responsible AI and its importance 

  • Discuss the new data needs in the industry and how Appen can help 

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