Launching AI in the Real World

A Roundtable Series

This four-part series on launching AI in the real world features industry-leading practitioners sharing personal experiences and insights into their own AI journeys, shedding light so others can accelerate progress toward their AI-initiatives. To succeed, companies will have to be prepared to overcome several common challenges around data, ethics, people, and lifecycles. Launching AI in the Real World – A Roundtable Series will feature some of the stories from our upcoming book on AI in the real world written by Wilson Pang with Alyssa Simpson Rochwerger. This series will cover:
  • Responsible AI – what is it and why it is critical to build an ethical, unbiased foundation
  • The Goldilocks Problem for AI – how to choose the right use case that will lead to scaled AI-initiatives
  • Building an Organizational Structure for AI – learnings from ah-ha moments that drive good team (re)structuring efforts
  • Life After AI Deployment – deploying the model is only the first milestone, here’s what you need to be prepared for next
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