The 2020 State of AI and Machine Learning Report

The 2020 State of AI and Machine Learning report illustrates the current state of artificial intelligence and machine learning, showcasing where the industry is as a whole in 2020 compared to 2019. The 2020 report is the output of a cross-industry, large-organization study of senior business leaders and technologists. It details where organizations are within the AI journey and provides a comprehensive look at how they are implementing AI within their business — from the types of data they leverage to the tools they use and budgets they have. For readers who might be in the middle of their own AI projects, this report helps them understand the broader context of their work, what their peers are experiencing, and what dials to turn for AI success. Download the 2020 State of AI and Machine Learning report for everything you need to know, including:
  • How AI budgets for companies, including those that are spending $5M +, are on the rise 
  • What the impact of COVID-19 is on AI initiatives, and how nearly 50% of companies have accelerated their AI strategies 
  • Why three out of four companies are updating their models at least quarterly 
2020 State of AI The 2019 State of AI and Machine Learning report can be found here.  
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