The 2022 State of AI and Machine Learning Report: What you Need to Know

The 8th annual report covers data quality, the AI lifecycle, and the future of AI

Our eighth annual edition of The State of AI and Machine Learning Report is here. In this report we continue our evaluation of an industry in constant flux. Our goal is to share the current AI trends and focus of companies, as well as challenges they are experiencing.

While the impact of COVID is slowly lessening, it’s still driving an acceleration in AI adoption and strategies that we’ve seen in previous years. When surveying our respondents, we asked them about what difficulties they face during the different stages of the AI lifecycle, budgeting constraints and allocations, and the types of data they need most for successful AI models. This allowed us to dive deeper into what differences exist between business leaders and technologists. We’ve also seen some AI trends continue from last year, including almost all organizations still use an external provider to source their data needs.

83% of respondents said they wish they could find a single partner to support all stages of the AI lifecycle.

What is the 2022 State of AI and Machine Learning Report?

The 2022 State of AI Report is the result of a multi-industry, small to large-organization study of business leaders, managers, and practitioners who are comprised of data scientists, engineers, and developers. We refer to these practitioners as technologists. This report gathered responses from AI decision-makers to identify the main factors that influence the AI and machine learning world.

Like previous years, we surveyed both business leaders and technologists to garner insight from them as to what they are looking for to aide in their AI growth and development. This year, however, we expanded our report to include organizations in Europe and the UK.

The Current State of AI and Machine Learning | AI Trends for 2022

This year, we noticed companies are taking more time to evaluate the next steps in their AI journey as they feel they’re in a secure place that allows them to remain in the adoption and focus stage longer. Large scale companies had an increase in budget allocation, reflecting the need for AI projects to continue business operations as usual. In correlation, companies are also indicating that they’re on par with their AI advancement and growth plans.

An increased focus has been placed on sourcing ethically responsible AI data to ensure no bias exists in models. In part, this means data quality, data diversity and scale are considered of being upmost importance. Yet, the emphasis varies significantly between the US (strongly in favor of this) and Europe (view this as less important than US). One item that most respondents strongly agree with is that AI can help slow down climate change.

Who Will Benefit From the State of AI Report?

This report will benefit both business leaders and practitioners. They can look to this report yearly as a guide for their own AI growth and development and gain valuable insight into the current structure and technological initiatives being implemented. This will help them form their own strategies for the upcoming year and course correct current ones if needed. Media publications also look to this report to discuss upcoming trends including

How Can You Get the Report?

Our 2022 State of AI and Machine Learning Report is available to download right now.

You can download the report here

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