AI is the Key to Convenience

Artificial Intelligence Means More Free Time for Things You Love

Anyone and everyone can benefit from new technology and who doesn’t love the idea of more convenience, more simplicity and more free time? Add a few extra free minutes to your day or enrich your hobbies with AI powered tools that add a little convenience to your everyday hobbies. From e-book readers to AI powered appliances to plant identifying applications and smart indoor gardens, AI is a gift that keeps on giving.

Chances are you’re familiar with some of these items already.

A Smarter Way to Garden

Plant identification apps are a convenience beloved by hikers, nature enthusiasts, and gardeners. The simple-to use-technology requires users to take a photo of the plant in question and the app uses artificial intelligence to identify the specific plant.  Additional information, such as if the plant is poisonous or has a disease, is also provided upon identification. To make the app a reality, it utilizes an AI model that has been trained with image classification. So don’t shy away from that fun looking plant you’ve never seen before, using this innovative AI technology, you’ll be able to look up all the info needed to care for it with ease.

Smart gardens are another way to take the stress out of growing with a little extra muscle from AI. Smart gardens can contain LED grow lights and monitor the plant health to let you know if more water or food is needed. All this information can be sent to your phone, and you can adjust the settings right from your pocket. Depending on the smart garden you adopt, it can be controlled from Alexa and other smart home devices. In other words, one AI is in control of another AI that gardens for you. Green thumb or not, grow delicious food indoors without concern for possible plant casualties.

eBooks and eReaders in Your Preferred Language

eBooks are becoming increasingly popular with features that allow users to increase screen brightness or font size on their chosen literature. It’s also has the added convenience of being a lightweight and extremely portable way to enjoy a book, as opposed to the standard paperback novel. Enjoy a few pages from your phone or e-book reader. eBooks give readers the freedom to read novels in a translated language of their choosing. It’s also easier to obtain virtual translated copies of text than in physical formats. AI’s involvement with eBooks is primarily through multi-language translations, making literature more accessible to people all around the world.

The Intelligence of Hearth and Home

The beauty of Artificial Intelligence is that it truly simplifies everyday activities. Household appliances can be partially or entirely powered by AI. Some items require nothing more than to be turned on/off like a self-running vacuum cleaner. Others, like a smart fridge, use AI to identify when you’re running low on a certain item that is frequently stocked. Smart sensors and cameras help power the AI behind these items. For the vacuum, the sensor detects if a human, animal, or object is in its path and automatically adjusts its cleaning route. For kitchen appliances, your AI can tell you if you’re running low on food, if something is close to expiring, provide healthy meal options or even tell you when need to replace your filter. Smart appliances mean less time cooking and cleaning and more time with you.

Convenience: The Ultimate Gift

What all these tools have in common is the gift of convenience—information at the tip of your fingers, entertainment on tap and appliances that think for themselves.  What’s behind the curtain of these apps, eBooks and smart machines is data , and that’s where we come in. Our gift is taking the labor out of making your favorite tools intelligent.

Our team and Crowd are currently working several image classification projects. We collect, annotate, and classify data to train AI models on topics including food, plants, film, transportation, fashion and more. Having this wealth of information allows, let’s say a plant identification app to know the difference between deadly nightshade and a common blueberry (don’t eat that).

We’ve worked on sensor, hardware and device testing projects that train models to account for both common and complex scenarios, so every item is properly identified. On hardware testing, depending on the product, we leverage our crowd or our internal team to test the product out in every use case imaginable, ensuring the product will be ready for every type of consumer.

Translation, localization, and natural language processing (NLP) are a core data product at Appen. We use AI to aide in generating text from dialogue or translating text from one language to another. After the initial AI work is done, our team of highly skilled linguists ensure everything is correct.

The gift of simplicity and free time is always welcome—as an end user of smart technology or even as a technologist. Leveraging Appen’s capabilities as the leader in Data for the AI Lifecycle to fuel your AI projects will reduce your time spent collecting and annotating data so that you can enjoy the simple life your AI creates.

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