AI Solutions for the Automotive Industry

Launching Customer-centric AI for Autonomous Vehicles and Smart Cars

The auto industry is undergoing a profound transformation, with AI and electric changing the way companies build cars and influencing the type of consumer that will ultimately buy or use those cars. The future of transportation will be built with world-class AI, ultra-fast connectivity, and environmental impact in mind.

The potential for AI-powered solutions is massive and, while business use cases for AI and ML are becoming more varied, consumer experience-centric applications continue to be the most common path to confidently deploy at scale. This is because both in-cabin and out-of-car experiences are easily quantifiable, and many automotive companies either have large amounts of untapped data that can be leveraged to improve these experiences or have the potential to start collecting and leveraging car and consumer data.

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  • Key challenges of scaling automotive AI solutions

AI Solutions for Automotive

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