AI Solutions for Financial Services

Key Steps to Building Customer-Centric AI

According to Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance, by 2022, nearly 64% of financial service companies expect to be “mass adopters” of AI — using it for revenue generation, process automation, risk management, customer service, and client acquisition — compared with just 16% currently.

Yet success isn’t guaranteed. In fact, industry analysts find that the average rate of AI projects scaling to production is only 20%.

While many financial institutions have taken the first steps towards utilizing AI for chatbots, fraud detection, and investment research, companies need to level up and integrate AI into their core business model at scale, without risking a terrible customer experience or pilots failing to deliver on increasing expectations.

We’ve created this guide to help financial services identify and successfully scale AI initiatives from pilot to production by focusing AI solutions for financial services on customer experience.

Download the eBook on Launching Customer-Centric AI for Financial Services to Learn:

  • How AI will reshape financial services in an experience-first world
  • Where to focus AI investments within the financial services landscape
  • How to accelerate AI solutions for finance from pilot to production with a data partner
  • Key challenges of scaling AI solutions

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