Women in AI, Synthetic Data, Bias Reduction, and More!

There’s no shortage of news about companies making innovative moves in AI and Appen is no exception. Q3 headlines in key media publications highlight women in AI, expert tips on managing data and reducing bias, a breakthrough in synthetic data and more! Read on to see what news outlets had to say about Appen last quarter.

How ‘Fake’ Data Can Make a Real Difference for People of Color

CTO, Wilson Pang, discussed how the use of synthetic data can enable companies to break away from traditional AI data limitations. This means the datasets used for training models will naturally contain less bias and create truly inclusive models that work equally well for all people of color and not just one specific group.

14 Tech Pros’ Top Tips For Boosting Daily Productivity

Forbes Technology Council members shared their best practices for increasing productivity and ensuring a successful work day. Chief Product Officer, Sujatha Sagiraju, emphasized the importance of managing a calendar and keeping emails organized to stay on top of the work day.

Jen Cole, SVP & GM of Enterprise at Appen – Interview Series

Unite.AI sat down with Jen Cole, our SVP & GM of Enterprise at Appen. In their interview, they discussed Jen’s impressive career history before coming to Appen, what a day in the life looks like working with us, and how Jen uses her psychology degree to help manage the large teams she works with.

Fighting Bias in AI Starts with The Data

ZDNET dove into our 2022 State of AI Report to address one alarming statistic and how this plays a part in bias reduction: only 6% of those surveyed reported achieving full data accuracy while the majority of IT executives say data accuracy is critical to their use of AI for their company.

11 Biz Developers Discuss Key Elements Of Problem-Centric Selling

The Forbes Business Development Council members discussed the best practices for doing business with clients to ensure long-lasting relationships. Jen Cole recommends people do a lot of research before they meet with clients, ask great questions, and listen carefully to what they say.

Meet the Nominees for the 2022 VentureBeat Women in AI Awards!

Each year, VentureBeat nominates outstanding, hardworking women in the AI industry. This year, Sujatha Sagiraju, was nominated in the AI Mentorship category for her guidance and encouragement to have more women enter the AI career field.

Why Artificial General Intelligence Isn’t Further Along

When COVID-19 hit, one positive change impacted the technology industry, the acceleration of AI. Forbes covers one of the key takeaways from our 2022 State of AI Report, AI adoption, and how artificial general intelligence (AGI) is here to stay.

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