State of AI 2021 – Making Machine Learning Work in The Real World

Exploring the Results with Industry Experts

The State of AI 2021 report is showing clear signs that companies are going all-in on AI. In this time of transition during the pandemic, we set out to explore why companies are considering AI to be core to survival. Amongst the findings, we saw that the maturing of AI projects, the desire for faster and greater ROI, and the increased reliance on third-party training data providers go hand in hand, and that high-quality training data is the foundation for AI success.

Join us on this webinar as we explore the results of the survey – increased budgets, more technologists in charge, and increased reliance on external training data providers – and what this means for your business. In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Where to focus AI investments to maximize ROI
  • How COVID helped to accelerate AI for organizations
  • The advantages of partnering with data providers to deploy AI
Website for deploying AI with world class training data