The Easiest Path to Making Globally Loved Products Using AI/ML

Join Bree Jones, Data Labeling and Relevance Program Manager at Pinterest, and Sujatha Sagiraju, Chief Product Officer at Appen, as they take a deep dive sharing their AI/ML experiences using their preferred operational best practices to making globally loved products.

In This Webinar You Will Learn:
  • How using high quality data overcomes the most difficult AI/ML challenges
  • Highly effective models to scope, define strategies and scale for robust data collection
  • Ideal methods of identifying trends and insights in data to create product strategies and roadmaps to growth
There’s a good reason overcoming complex operational challenges using AI/ML with content can lead to stickiness, audience, and revenue growth.  A lot of factors requiring high quality data go into custom feeds to ensure that what users see will be engaging.

The bottom line? Content generated using AI relevance models and cataloging across all data types will consistently be a path to growth to help your company’s goals become more easily met.

Breanna Jones, Data Labeling and Relevance Program Manager at Pinterest 

As a data labeling expert, Breanna has years of experience leading human evaluation programs at companies like Pinterest and Facebook. She currently works as a Data Labeling & Relevance Program Manager at Pinterest, where she leverages her expertise to build and scale programs on behalf of engineering and data science teams. 

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