People Power: How Outsourcing Transcription Services Can Help Human Resources Teams Do More

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For hard-pressed Human Resources and Employee Relations teams, accurately documenting formal proceedings like disciplinary meetings, grievance hearings or redundancy appeals can be a challenge. But, outsourcing this work can lighten the load. With a high-quality, impartial written record, these teams can bring matters to an even speedier conclusion. Whatever business you are in, your people are your greatest asset, and your Human Resources (HR) or Employee Relations (ER) teams play a key role in getting the best out of those people. There’s the day-to-day business – drawing up contracts, organising trainings, or holding exit interviews – but HR and ER teams also oversee more complex matters, including formal investigations, employee interviews, grievance hearings, disciplinary meetings, tribunals and consultations with members of staff and trades unions. In these scenarios, it is vital that all parties can trust and agree upon an accurate and timely written record of what has been said. If legal proceedings follow, it’s helpful if transcripts are ‘employment tribunal ready’. And sometimes participants don’t want an audio or video recording, making the written meeting notes even more important. Although managing these hearings is central to the HR function, even the most well-resourced team can struggle to produce an accurate written record, quickly, every time. There might simply be insufficient capacity because of employee leave or sickness and absence. Perhaps there is a ‘spike’ in the number of cases, requiring transcripts to be produced more quickly. When this happens, outsourcing can help clear the backlog, saving HR professionals valuable time. But there are other reasons why HR teams might ask an external provider like Appen for help. Whilst formal HR proceedings are usually confidential, some require a higher level of security clearance or more specialised data handling systems than would typically be found in an in-house HR or administrative team. Others could be complex, involving multiple speakers or different languages, calling for a very high level of transcription or note-taking expertise. Finally, proceedings could deal with a controversial or sensitive internal issue. In this situation, an external transcriber or note taker, who remains impartial and independent, can create an official record that everyone can trust. Appen’s services for HR and ER teams include transcription, note taking and summaries; all these services can be provided from Appen’s secure, in-house facility. Whether outsourced completely or called on from time to time, working with an expert transcription provider brings a range of benefits:
  • Transcripts, notes, and summaries will be highly accurate (Appen’s are certified to the international quality standard ISO9001) so they are less likely to be challenged, enabling you to meet your deadlines and resolve matters more quickly.
  • Crucially, external providers have the capacity to cope with last-minute requests and fast turnarounds, so you don’t have to divert your HR professionals from their day-to-day tasks at short notice.
  • Outsourcing means only paying for what you need, when you need it. For example, Most good transcription providers offer lower rates for non-urgent jobs.
As Appen continues to work with an increasing number of clients in the public sector such as those in education, finance, transport, and logistics, it seems more and more organisations are discovering how outsourcing transcription can give HR and ER teams more time to focus on other priorities. And, outsourcing can also save money, bringing complex matters to a conclusion more quickly; that’s better for everyone involved.   Find out more about Appen’s services for HR and ER teams at:

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