Appen Partners with World Economic Forum to Create Responsible AI Standards

Associate Partner Appen to provide C-level decision makers with key strategies for building and scaling AI programs by sourcing training data responsibly SAN FRANCISCO– August 25, 2020 – Appen, a global leader in high-quality training data for machine learning systems, has partnered with the World Economic Forum to design and release standards and best practices for responsible training data when …
AI Readiness Assessment

Is Your Organization AI-Ready?

New AI Readiness Assessment Tool Now Available Many companies overestimate whether they are AI-ready. In the 2020 CIO Survey, Gartner stated that only 19% of CIOs claimed their AI projects to be in production. Meaning that when it comes to deploying AI initiatives all the way to production, a whopping 80% don’t make it. At Appen, we’ve seen our customers …
how to get started with AIOps

How to Get Started with AIOps

What is AIOps, and Why is it the Future for IT Teams? As executives across industries evaluate the variety of ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can transform their businesses, one area garnering an increasing amount of attention is the evolution of IT systems to meet the demands of modern businesses, as AI migrates from the fringes to the center of …
what is data labeling

What is Data Labeling?

Everything You Need to Know About Data Labeling – Featuring Meeta Dash Artificial intelligence (AI) is only as good as the data it is trained with. With the quality and quantity of training data directly determining the success of an AI algorithm, it’s no surprise that, on average, 80% of the time spent on an AI project is wrangling training data, …
Common Sense in Artificial Intelligence Making Deep Learning Technologies More Human

Common Sense AI: Making Deep Learning Technologies More Human

Whether through devices we use to enable convenience at home or in the way products we use all the time are manufactured, AI’s impact is everywhere, driving innovation in just about every aspect of our lives. But there are missing pieces to this puzzle that still cause frustration for end-users and present significant challenges for researchers trying to improve how AI technology performs.
Person shopping on tablet

AI in E-commerce

AI in E-commerce and the New Era of Personalization As society chases convenience and turns increasingly to online shopping over the traditional brick and mortar retail model, e-commerce took center stage, evolving how customers shop. The idea of a personalized shopping experience for each customer has been around for a long time, but a new era of personalization is underway. …