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Secure Transcription for Investigative Interviews

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Experts and practitioners from the world of fraud and investigation are gathering in Birmingham this month for the Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation’s Fraud and Investigation Conference. Information about Appen’s services for investigations will be available, helping clients in this industry get accurate, secure written records every time. Investigative interviews come in many shapes and sizes, from police interviews to in-house legal work at local authorities, and from HR matters (redundancy or disciplinary hearings, employment tribunals or disputes resolution) to case work as part of regulatory probes into tax or pensions fraud. They can be sensitive, and they can sometimes be adversarial. The stakes are often high. So, it is vital that there is an accurate, timely and secure written record of what’s said – after all, even less-formal interviews can go on to become part of official, or even legal proceedings. Appen is working with clients right across the fraud and investigation industry, including government agencies, regulators, local authorities and police forces, providing a range of services that all do the job perfectly.


Choose from a verbatim written account of every sound, or ‘intelligent verbatim’, capturing only what is said, rather than every cough or ‘erm’. Appen can transcribe from most formats (digital or analogue, audio or video) using our own templates or to your own specification. There is a choice of turnaround times and an expedited next day service.

Note taking

If an audio or video recording is not possible, Appen’s note takers can capture everything that is said, working either in the room or from a remote location, (including our secure in-house facility), if required.


A summary draws out the most important points from an audio or video recording, but with around 40 per cent fewer pages than a full transcript. Summaries are used as ‘working briefs’ in a range of scenarios, and Appen’s clients for this service include The Insolvency Service.

Recording and transcription

Appen can also supply audio and video recording equipment; clients either make their own recording or work with one of our trained audio technicians on the day, before having the recording transcribed. Whichever service you choose, your transcript will be accurate, secure and cost effective. Woman working at computer station Appen’s transcripts, notes and summaries are ISO9001 certified, reaching internationally recognised standards for quality and continuous improvement. Accurate transcripts are less likely to be challenged, so proceedings move faster. Our transcribers are cleared to the very highest security levels (including signing some parts of the Official Secrets Act) and our information management systems are certified to ISO27001. No leaks, no mishaps. Above all, you pay only for what you need, when you need it, saving you money and freeing up precious staff time and other resources. No matter what business you’re in, concluding investigative interviews quickly will be a priority for everyone involved.   Find out how Appen’s secure transcription services by visiting: or by picking up our delegate flyer at the upcoming IRRV Fraud and Investigation Conference and Exhibition at The Council House, Birmingham on 4 and 5 June 2019:  

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